From the Prius to Camry, or even a more roomier model like a Sequoia, Toyota offers comfortable, durable, and economical vehicles. That’s why they are one of our favorite brands to service. We know Toyota repair inside and out. Whether you are driving to and from work or packing up your family for a holiday getaway, we can handle any of your maintenance needs.

Our technicians are extensively trained to use the most innovative techniques when it comes to Toyota repair, making sure your car is receiving the highest quality care that we can possibly provide.

Toyota Oil Changes in Westlake Village, CA

Oil changes are one of the most frequent and important services you will have performed during the lifespan of your Toyota. That’s why you want to go to someone who is not only an expert in our vehicle, but who also gives you high-quality service. That way you are ensuring the best oil and servicing, so your vehicle is operating at peak performance levels and will last as long as possible. Each vehicle requires different oil types and maintenance time frames.

If you are unsure of yours, feel free to reach out to us, and we can find the most up-to-date information for your vehicle.

Lexus Repair in Westlake Village, CA

Lexus is a subdivision of the powerhouse that is Toyota. If you want a luxury vehicle with the durability and longevity of Toyota, Lexus is the perfect fit. At Westlake Automotive, we take pride in our knowledge of Lexus and the ever-evolving technology of this premium vehicle. No matter whether we are servicing a Lexus hybrid for a simple oil change or performing a major service on a sedan, we bring the same amount of expertise, motivation, and enthusiasm to every job we do. We know how much you care about your car, and want to make sure you receive the best service that we can possibly provide.