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Westlake Independent’s Digital Inspection Report

Here at Westlake Independent we want to offer our customers the most when it comes to maintaining or repairing your Honda, Acura, or Subaru. That’s why we are now able to send a digital inspection sheet that outlines the condition of your car, truck or SUV, from bumper to bumper including measurements and photographs.


We want to make sure that your vehicle remains in the best condition possible. From the sample sheet below you can see that we report on everything from your tire tread to your fluid levels and the condition of them. This gives you the most accurate information about your vehicle, allowing you to make the best decisions for you and your vehicle.

After you receive your report we will review it together. The “Needs Immediate Attention” section can appear daunting however when addressed it can save you time and money instead of leaving you stranded with a car that won’t start or one that is unsafe to drive.

We care a lot about our customers and their vehicles and we have found this report to be the most comprehensive way to communicate a vehicle’s condition to our customers.

So if you have any questions about how to best maintain or repair your vehicle, feel free to give us a call, drive on into our shop or conveniently schedule an appointment online at for a day and time that works best for you!

Thank you,

Your Westlake Independent, Inc. Team

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The Honda CRV a/c system is unfortunately prone to catastrophic failure sometimes referred to in the industry as “Black Death”. When this occurs it is important to repair the system properly and thoroughly, replacing the entire cooling portion of the a/c system including the Compressor, Compressor clutch, Compressor coil, Condenser, Desiccant Dryer, Evaporator, Expansion Valve, all Hoses, Freon, Oil and completely flush the ridged lines. You should not rush through this repair as the cleanliness of the pressurized portion of the a/c system as well as the quality of parts, proper oil level and Freon charge will determine the longevity of the repair.

At Westlake Independent we specialize exclusively in the repair and maintenance / service of Honda and Acura vehicles and we always follow our mantra of UNCOROMISING QUALITY in all that we do. If you let the “flat rate (commission mechanic) at the dealer or another shop that that doesn’t really understand the problem perform this repair your car will be domed to the same problem again and again. At Westlake Independent we usually like to use the original factory parts but in this case we have found high quality after market parts that are not prone to the same failure and as a bonus cost allot less. WE CAN SAVE YOU BIG ON HONDA CRV A/C REPAIRS also applies with Honda Odyssey.

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